Reiki Mississippi™ Certified Professional Practitioners

Meet Our Professionals

Reiki Mississippi™ Certified Professional Practitioners are more than just Reiki trained!

Our practitioners have completed an in-person intensive course, designed exclusively for serious practicing Reiki professionals.

A Reiki Mississippi™ Certified Professional Practitioner must:

  • Pass our extensive written and oral testing
  • Complete Reiki Master Practitioner Certification levels in person
  • Pass our in-person clinical practicums for studio operation and client care
  • Practice Reiki daily for more than one year before certification
  • Legally own a business (or are employed by a legally operating studio/business) offering Reiki sessions
  • Practitioner insured
  • Follow good business practices
  • Apply approved hygiene and safety codes (per their appropriate business licensing)
  • Be members of a professional Reiki organization

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