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Professional athletes throughout the world supplement their workouts and mental training with relaxation therapies like Reiki.

Reiki helps reduce or eliminate pain, aids in quicker recovery times from long days, helps promote sleep and allows athletes to de-stress.

Being relaxed, recharged and “in the zone” can give winners the edge over opponents in tight situations.

While great physical conditioning, polished fundamentals, good diet and sound mental practices are all parts of the athlete’s toolbox, these are not enough to counter the effects of stress in tough situations. Professionals use therapies that help reduce stress such as meditation, biofeedback, sports psychology, etc. and of course, Reiki!

Look how today’s professionals are using Reiki to enhance performance:

When in Pain, PGATOUR Players Turn to Healer


The Benefits of Reiki in Sports

Olympic Double Medal Winner Hayden Roulston Is Dedicated to Reiki Use

Sports Reiki with NFL player Charles Way

MAKE AN APPOINTMENT WITH TRACY: Reiki Mississippi™ owner Tracy Crosby has practiced Reiki with several PGA Tour professionals, both players and caddies, as well as amateur athletes of all ages and sports. As a former collegiate athlete, she knows the challenges and can help you!

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