REIKI 1 with Reiki Mississippi

Shoden (beginner Level 1) is offered by Reiki Mississippi in a one-day intensive, to anyone aged 16 and over (ages 16-17 with written guardian approval) or aged 15 and under with guardian/parent present. The class is usually a Saturday, but please check your calendar as occasionally we offer mid-week training.

Reiki 1 is the first and most important of all the Reiki trainings! The mastery and benefits of Reiki can only be felt when good fundamentals and expert instruction and guidance are given. The effects of Reiki are cumulative, so over time students see and feel the changes more easily when training is comprehensive and monitored at the very first level.

Reiki is a Japanese cultural art form, and requires that Japanese techniques and thought processes be explained to students. Respect for another cultures art and methods are key to Reiki Mississippi’s dedication toward excellence and best practices in educating students. We strive to show respect for this culture through accurate teaching and continued updated research.

You are here to learn Reiki, and we stick to teaching Reiki. Level One is easy to do, but there is much to know and to discover with this Japanese relaxation technique. Therefore, we do not teach other modalities (such as sound therapy, crystal healing, qi-gong, yoga, meditation, etc.) with our Reiki 1 training. ALL of your time is spent learning and practicing Reiki 1 and is monitored by teachers so that you feel comfortable and confident when you leave.

GUARANTEED TRAINING FOR LIFE. Reiki Mississippi is so confident that you will be fully trained, we offer a life-time guarantee – if at any time you want to retake our class to brush up on your skills (or even just for fun!) you can do so FREE. Simply email us and mention your previous class date: if there is room in the next class, you’ll be assigned a registration email to enjoy Reiki 1 all over again at no charge.

REIKI 1 summary of materials covered:

  • What is Reiki? (includes research and science about Reiki)
  • The Japanese Reiki Ideals
  • Reiki history and terms
  • Beginning Japanese Reiki Techniques, as taught by Dr. Usui
  • Hayashi Healing Guide and  Reiki hand positions
  • How to give a complete Reiki treatment for yourself and others


  • Plenty of practice time!  You will KNOW how to practice Reiki and be confident  when you leave! Guaranteed!!
  • 192 page class manual from the International Center for Reiki Training
  • Reiki Mississippi 21-Day practice journal/workbook
  • Class certification and framable certificate from Reiki Mississippi
  • CE credit available for nurses at some events, please call or email
  • You’ll make new friends, and have a wonderful time!

Classes include lecture, discussion and demonstration/training.


Training is set in a lovely quiet location with soft, cushioned seats and couches, free tea and coffee, water.  Attunements may be held in sacred outdoor locations if weather permits, utilizing the energies of the earth to accent Reiki initiation. Every care is made to support your comfort for an intimate and unique training experience. 




Are you interested learning both Reiki 1 and 2 in one weekend? REGISTER FOR REIKI 1& 2 COMBINED CLASS!

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